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Today Bindastimes released uncut movie named “breakup sex” featuring our beloved Tina Nadi. The movie is top notch and has all the ingredients necessary to make a good movie into a great movie. On top of it we have no hold barred display of Tina Nadi’s well sculpted body. 

when it comes to acting, you cant make difference between Tina Nadi’s skills as an actor as she gets into character and enjoy the role a lot. 

here too she has gone on showcasing her top notch expressions while enjoying the screenplay. 

Her nipples were sucked nicely by male actor and she really seems into it. 

The sex scenes are great and will give viewer a good viewing. 

the icing on cake is money shot in the end which is first in OTT movies other then natasha doing it for another ott but that was on her bosoms. Here nandita took on her face and lips which makes this movie a real special.

Tina Nadi dear thanks for such a great performance, We wish you all the best in future movies. Stay safe!

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